Excite your audiences. Speak their language. Lead.

  • Excite audiences to follow you. When audiences are presented with clear messages effectively delivered, they are moved to act. The leaders we work with are able to channel the excitement of the room to close deals and build partnerships.
  • Lead when you're leading. There is a look that authentic leaders have that identifies them as different from the pack. Leaders speak with authority that is earned, demonstrated, and owned.
  • Manage your reputation. Whether you're speaking to customers, stakeholders, or funders--if your ideas aren't clearly expressed, your presentation won't be effective. Get in front of your messages. If you're not cutting through, you're part of the noise.

Reframe offers you a sophisticated understanding of how to motivate your critical audiences.

WE LISTEN to our clients to understand their coaching objectives, current challenges, and existing resources. Our tailored learning plans respond directly to client needs.

WE UNDERSTAND the mechanics of how "meaning" is constructed for audiences, and our programs improve the client's ability to speak with more impact.

WE COMMIT to setting professional-standard goals for you, and address the behavioral, identity, and belief-level changes needed for you to be the speaker it's vital that you become.