Links to a selection of client engagements:

For the City of Palo Alto, I produced the launch of the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan.

  • Translating complex data sets into understandable animations
  • Scripting and producing the interview with Chief Sustainability Officer Gil Friend to connect the scope of the plan to what people care about most
  • Developing the launch event with online, print, and live outreach

The City of Palo Alto is a global leader, and its bold sustainability and climate adaptation goals set out to challenge other cities across the planet--and improve the lives of everyone in the community.

For the Google-sponsored Maker Camp, I produced a 6-week STEAM education program that reached 25,000+ global users.

  • Coordinating in-house resources, Google program owners, Maker Media content providers, and international production teams to deliver extraordinary daily content
  • Wrote and produced 35 1-hour webcasts in 30 days using Google Hangouts at locations including the The White House, James Webb Space Telescope at NASA, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, The Disneyland Resort, the Google Garage, and LEGO headquarters in Denmark. Prepared on-screen hosts to interview guests including astronaut Buzz Aldrin, White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comeford, musician Reggie Watts, robotics prodigy Tesca Fitzgerald, and Jens Bergensten of Minecraft 
  • Highlighted stories of participants from maker spaces around the world to create a rich online community experience

I delivered consistently excellent content and audiences experiences that promoted Maker Media's commitment to delivering creative and engaging programs for makers of all ages.

For Steve & Kate's Camp, I created a suite of story-based training videos to model

  • The company philosophy of child-centered communication
  • The use of humor as a vehicle for learning
  • The company style of irreverence and authenticity

In this case of The Camper's Court, Judge Sally Horowitz hears case against a counselor, Max, who wanted to comfort a sad camper--but ended up making the camper feel like a "little kid". Watch to find out what Max could have done instead!

For Lynelle Cameron, Director of Sustainability at Autodesk, we

  • Co-developed the text of this TEDx presentation
  • Integrated the content with the slides
  • Provided presentation skills training

Ms. Cameron tells the inspiring story of how her passion to make meaningful impact has  taken her around the planet in search of leverage. 

Our engagement with Autodesk's Sustainability Workshop prepared subject matter experts to

  • Present on-camera
  • Work smoothly with the film production team
  • Maintain energy as spokesperson talent



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